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I give a unique, customized, natural and beautiful lift with a rapid recovery. I DO NOT believe in or endorse the many named lifts (like weekend lift, 3 day lift, lifestyle lift, liquid lift etc). I believe in a long lasting lift, which not only rejuvenates but beautifies and compliments your face. It takes 1 week for most patients to resume normal activity except for strenuous excercise. The perception and creation of beauty in a face is an artistic innate quality which can be observed by looking at a surgeon's results, unrelated to training or experience. That being said, training and experience provide the tools necessary to achieve that goal, but are insufficient in and of themselves.

About Dr. Rizk


Chief Medical Advisor

Pre-operative Instructions for Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift surgery involves any procedure of the upper, lower or mid-face and neck. A Face Lift procedure can be performed as an office/ambulatory procedure when the following simple instructions are followed.

Prior to your surgical procedure

Please discontinue all aspirin containing medicines 2 weeks prior to your surgery. These medicines include: Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Excedrin, Bufferin (Please review List provided in your surgery folder for complete list.)

  • If you smoke, stop as soon as possible, smoking interferes with healing and can make recovery from anesthesia more difficult.
  • Begin taking the medicine prescribed for your procedure that needs to be taken prior to surgery. An example of this is the Vitamin C and Bactroban Ointment (Mupipricin Ointment).
  • Please avoid drinking alcohol and wine 3weeks before surgery and 3 weeks after surgery.
  • Please avoid drinking herbal teas and herbal supplements 1 week prior to surgery (St. John’s Wort, Eccinechea), Omega Fatty Acids (fish oils)
  • Please call your internist to discuss stopping HRT ( Hormone replacement therapy) 2 weeks before and 2weeks after surgery.
  • Please avoid caffeine drinks 48 hours prior to surgery (coffee, Energy Drinks).
  • Please have nothing to eat or drink after Midnight, the night before surgery.
  • The morning of surgery, please wake up early and wash your hair, neck and face with the HIBICLENS Soap we prescribed for you.
  • Apply Bactroban Ointment inside nose with Q-Tip 2x a day for 3 days before surgery and continue for 2 weeks after your surgery.
  • Please wear cotton underwear the day of your surgery. This may sound like an unusual request, but nylon and synthetic fabrics should be avoided in the Operating Room.
  • Please arrive on time, this helps us avoid delays ( with a limit of 2 family members due to small waiting room and to avoid gems.)
  • Please arrange for an escort to take you home after your surgery. No one is allowed to travel home on their own.
  • Please don’t wear contact lenses the day of surgery.
  • My office will call you the day before surgery to inform you about the time to arrive at the office.
  • If you are an out of town patient please let us know when you will be arriving in New York and where you are staying. We also need a contact number for you before your surgery  and while you are here in New York, (Hotel, family members, home, etc.)
  • If you are having a facelift or Browlift and you need to color your hair, please do so the week before surgery. You can color your hair 4 weeks after your surgery.
  • Purchase appropriate items for your type of surgery from the suggested shopping List.

After your Face Lift Surgery

Activity after Surgery

  1. Sleep on 2 Pillows for a week.
  2. Ice compresses should be applied gently over your face.
  3. You will have a dressing around your face. Please keep this dressing dry for 24hrs.
  4. You may shower 2 days after your surgery, Baby shampoo is preferred to wash the hair.
  5. You can clean the inside of your ears and facial wounds with hydrogen peroxide soaked Q-tips, and then apply Bactroban Ointment with a Q-tip 2x 1 day.
  6. Avoid straining or bending for 2 weeks.
  7. Check with your doctor before resuming strenuous physical activity. You should not be driving if you are still taking pain medicine.
  8. Eyeglasses can be worn when your dressing is removed, and contact lenses can be inserted only if your eyes don’t feel dry.
  9. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible.
  10. No sexual activities 3 weeks after surgery.


  1. Begin with bland foods (clear liquids, broths, etc.) and advance as tolerated.
  2. Avoid Alcohol and wine for 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after surgery.
  3. Avoid smoking and Nictoine for these will dramatically slow the healing process.


Take medications as directed by your prescriptions (on medication bottle).

If pain is mild, you may take extra strength Tylenol instead as per manufacturer’s directions. Do Not take any products containing ibuprofen (including Advil, Midol, etc) in place of pain medicine.

Occasionally, you may encounter a sore throat due to anesthesia. Lozenges, such as Cepacol can help to relieve this temporary discomfort.



  • Some bruising and swelling is normal but icing will help to minimize it.
  • The lips may become dry from breathing through the mouth; you may use Vaseline, Aquaphor or Chap Stick to lubricate them.
  • Occasionally, you may have a fever up to 101.5 in first 48 hours and this is normal.
  • Nausea or vomiting can occur after your surgery for the first 24 hours following surgery. Please notify us if you are experiencing severe nausea and vomiting and are unable to keep liquids down.
  • Resuming social activities and returning to work depend upon the level of physical activity and public contact you require, as well as the swelling and bruising you may develop. The average patient goes back to work or social activities in 2 weeks. However, this varies and is individual.
  • Numbness in face and ear is normal up to a year after surgery.
  • Itchy feeling is normal and is a sign of healing in the face.
  • The pinkish color of incisions fades with time, use of sun block make the incisions fade faster.

You will be receiving a phone call from my office after your surgery. Please share all concerns and questions with us. Our phone number is 212-452-3362.