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I give a unique, customized, natural and beautiful lift with a rapid recovery. I DO NOT believe in or endorse the many named lifts (like weekend lift, 3 day lift, lifestyle lift, liquid lift etc). I believe in a long lasting lift, which not only rejuvenates but beautifies and compliments your face. It takes 1 week for most patients to resume normal activity except for strenuous excercise. The perception and creation of beauty in a face is an artistic innate quality which can be observed by looking at a surgeon's results, unrelated to training or experience. That being said, training and experience provide the tools necessary to achieve that goal, but are insufficient in and of themselves.

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Deep Plane Facelift

A Deep Plane Lift is a new form of the standard facelift / SMAS facelift techniques. While the SMAS techniques mainly target the lower face, chin and the neck areas, the Deep Plane facelift was developed to correct ptosis (drooping eyelids) and deep nasolabial folds that are often mentioned by patients as major areas of concern. Patients in their 40's and older who lack some facial elasticity and have sagging skin are potential candidates.

Our doctor performs a deep plane facelift by making a small incision around the patient’s ears or behind the ears next to the scalp. He then separates the muscle and skin from the deeper tissue layer. Our doctor deep plane techniques are aided by 3D-high definition technology that allows for more precise work with the tools sliding through the muscles underneath. The surgeon moves the muscles backward towards their origins and redrapes the skin back in place in order to re-establish the patient's natural youthful look. In some cases he might need to remove excess skin as well as the surrounding fatty tissues.

Since it is a procedure that is mainly performed underneath the deeper tissue layers, it does not create tension on the superficial layer of the skin and therefore it often results in much less visible bruising and swelling, in comparison with traditional face lift techniques. The Deep plane facelift techniques allow patients to enjoy long-lasting results which are often sustainable for 8-10 years after the surgery.

To achieve a rapid recovery with less bruising and swelling, Our doctor uses special tissue glue instead of drains. Various vitamins and herbal supplements are being used to help speed up the recovery process. Patients can normally go back to their normal activities within a week or ten days following surgery.

Very important: please note that this procedure is more extensive than the traditional form of facelift surgery (SMAS). Patients should make sure they do the necessary research before surgery, looking for a skillful facial plastic surgeon who has an extensive experience in performing these techniques in order to avoid complications in bleeding, hematoma, infection, scarring, complications with previous facelift(s), etc.

Our doctor has modified the original deep plane lift with the following-calling it "Modified Deep Plane Facelift".

  1. Shorter incisions.

  2. Use of endoscopic high definition telescopes to see into the neck and face-makes it a safer more precise operation.

  3. Less dissection near orbicularis muscle near eye (decreases cheek swelling).

  4. Has made it FOCUS on lower face and neck including nasolabial folds, jowls and neck rather than midface.

  5. In essence, this modified deep plane facelift addresses the lower face and neck regions to achieve a natural facial rejuvenation with jawline definition.

  6. Avoids the overpulled look in the midface of older lifts.

  7. Our doctor prefers to address midface and upper cheek with PRP fat transfer which is a more natural method of rejuvenating lost volume in the upper face. (Rather than pulling it)