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I give a unique, customized, natural and beautiful lift with a rapid recovery. I DO NOT believe in or endorse the many named lifts (like weekend lift, 3 day lift, lifestyle lift, liquid lift etc). I believe in a long lasting lift, which not only rejuvenates but beautifies and compliments your face. It takes 1 week for most patients to resume normal activity except for strenuous excercise. The perception and creation of beauty in a face is an artistic innate quality which can be observed by looking at a surgeon's results, unrelated to training or experience. That being said, training and experience provide the tools necessary to achieve that goal, but are insufficient in and of themselves.

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Custom Facelifts / Partial Facelifts

A Custom Facelift or Partial Facelift is a special type of a facelift surgery which is designed to address the patient's specific needs. One method of facelift surgery cannot be applied to all individuals. Some patients, especially in their 40's, may do well with a partial facelift since the condition of their skin and muscles is quite good. Others might need further work to restore a youthful appearance.

Our doctor, a Top New York Facial Plastic Surgeon, explains that he often uses various types of custom facelifts (including partial facelifts) to better suit each of his patients’ goals and expectations. During the initial consultation with Our doctor, he performs a complete examination and analysis of the facial and neck areas and a treatment plan is thoroughly planned. "As a designer whose work is to improve the state of my patients’ facial skin and muscles," says Our doctor, "I usually suggest them to follow a customized plan which I develop for them, based on their current bone structure, tissue quality, age, facial anatomical features, and my expectations of how their skin is likely to age with time."

Our doctor developed the customized facelift approach as young women and men are coming with specific areas of concern, such as the neck only or the jowls alone or the midface alone. Improving these specific areas of concern does not necessitate a complete "one-size-fits-all" facelift where every patient looks the same.  Our doctor likes to preserve the patient's individuality while refreshing their look during either a complete or partial facelift or necklift.

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