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I give a unique, customized, natural and beautiful lift with a rapid recovery. I DO NOT believe in or endorse the many named lifts (like weekend lift, 3 day lift, lifestyle lift, liquid lift etc). I believe in a long lasting lift, which not only rejuvenates but beautifies and compliments your face. It takes 1 week for most patients to resume normal activity except for strenuous excercise. The perception and creation of beauty in a face is an artistic innate quality which can be observed by looking at a surgeon's results, unrelated to training or experience. That being said, training and experience provide the tools necessary to achieve that goal, but are insufficient in and of themselves.

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Facelift Costs

There are many contributing factors that determine the price of a facelift surgery. For example, the main price might vary based on the surgeon’s skills and techniques used, the surgeon’s training qualification and experience, the complexity of patient’s skin and facial structures, the practice’s location, the size of patient’s face, the extent of surgery and whether it is a partial facelift or a full facelift surgery.

These are the overall fees included in the cost of a Facelift:
-Facility/ operating fees
-Anesthesia fees
-Surgeon fees

Since the major cost of a facelift surgery is based on the fee from the surgeon himself, potential patients should find out more information about the surgeon to assure that he/she is a qualified facial plastic surgeon. The cost varies depending on the surgeon’s skills, training, experience, types of Board Certification (someone with Double Board Certification usually requires a higher price). As a potential patient, you should look for more information about the surgeon either by reading the reviews online and/or by talking with an actual post-operative patient(s) of that doctor. After all, you need to make a decision that will affect your appearance for many years.

These are a few tips to know before committing to a facelift surgery:

Know your doctor - It is highly recommended for the candidate patient to look for a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon (a member of American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), who specializes in head and neck surgery as compared to a general plastic surgeon who performs on the entire body. For facial cosmetic surgeries, it can be simply said that facial plastic surgeons have more extensive training on these specific areas of the body compared to traditional plastic surgeons since they studied and understand the facial structures in both functional and cosmetics aspects.

Pick a surgeon with extensive experience and is highly trained - Usually a Double Board Certified surgeon (American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and American Board of Otolaryngology- Head& Neck Surgery) requires a higher cost which often justifies the price since it is a visible cosmetic surgery that shows your appearance and lasts long.

Our doctor, New York based Double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology- Head& Neck Surgeon says that it is hard to predict facelift costs for each individual until a perspective candidate has a consultation, a skin and facial examination, the area to be worked on and how extensive the surgery would be from the surgeon. Many of his patients who were not happy with their aging usually required facelift surgeries combined with other types of facial cosmetic surgery options at the same time with a facelift procedure, such as a brow lift (forehead lift), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), neck lift and/or chin implant.

Our doctor also gives interesting additional information that normally, the cost of combination procedures that are performed at the same time as facelift surgery are usually lower than a single cost of that surgery itself since the patient does not need to pay again for the costs of the facility fees and anesthesia fees. Price quotes are determined after the evaluation of each individual’s face.